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More procedures added to the Little Journey portfolio

More procedures added to the Little Journey portfolio

Little Journey is excited to announce the expansion of its solution to support children undergoing endoscopy, phlebotomy, and coronavirus swab testing, as well as those participating in clinical trials. Our new web-based portal enables the rapid deployment of these new pathways within organisations as well as the ability to customise the patient-facing application to reflect local patient pathways and policies.

The patient-facing Little Journey application has been co-designed with children, families, and key stakeholders to ensure content that is acceptable, user-friendly, and effective. It delivers interactive, engaging, and informative content (including virtual reality animations using images of the actual rooms visited by patients) to familiarise and desensitise children to the clinical environment and provide them with the coping skills necessary to improve their healthcare experience. The animation storylines have multiple variations, providing flexibility and easy customisation by organisations. Development is such that there is the potential for expansion to support new procedures as required.

Going forward, we aim to use data science to develop ways of providing personalised care based on individual health behaviours. This has the potential to revolutionise the provision of paediatric procedural support.

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