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Launch of the new Little Journey platform

Launch of the new Little Journey platform

Little Journey are delighted to announce the launch of their new platform, providing an enhanced and improved solution for healthcare organisations. The new platform has been developed following in-depth consultations with focus groups from sites already using Little Journey, resulting in an easy-to-navigate, web-based hospital portal. Using the portal, hospital staff can establish multi-disciplinary teams and patient champions to co-create and customise aspects of the patient-facing application. Our streamlined information governance process helps accelerate implementation of the platform within organisations, whilst ready to use marketing materials support uptake of the app by families. Already translated into 16 languages, the new platform has been developed to allow flexibility and rapid localisation to other countries.

The new Little Journey platform aims to:

  • Provide near real-time control over the user-facing app content, allowing organisations to communicate information to families in a time of rapidly changing policies and protocols.
  • Be a single solution supporting an array of procedures (including general surgery, endoscopy and phlebotomy) and patient pathways.
  • Enable feedback data to be collected by hospitals, driving quality of care improvements.

To find out more about the licensing arrangements for the new platform, please email:

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