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Little Journey App saves each NHS hospital £120,000

Little Journey App saves each NHS hospital £120,000

An independent study commissioned by Eastern Academic Health Science Network highlights benefits of Little Journey app to patients and hospitals.

At Little Journey we’ve always focused on how we can improve the healthcare experiences of children and their family. But, we don’t just benefit families as shown by a recent study commissioned by Eastern Academic Health Science Network (EAHSN). The study assessed the cost benefit to healthcare organisations of providing the Little Journey application to their patients; and we didn’t disappoint!

For every £1 invested in Little Journey the health economists estimated a tangible benefit of £3.50 to the health care system and £6.00 benefit to society. For the healthcare system, the saving is through a decrease in last-minute cancellations, improved staff utilisation and drop in pre-medication rates for anxious children. For society, Little Journey provided savings through a reduction in the number of days of school and work missed by children and their parents.

In the five NHS sites who participated in the analysis, Little Journey was estimated to create a total net value of £586,200 over a five-year period. The health economists reported that if spread to hospitals across NHS England, Little Journey would provide an estimated net positive value of nearly £12,000,000. In addition, at South Tees Hospital during the trial period, 71% of families coming for surgery downloaded the Little Journey app, which resulted in a 30% faster recovery time following surgery and a 42% reduction in on-the-day cancellations. Furthermore, fluid fasting times were reduced by over one hour and solid fasting times by two hours in children before surgery.

Lou Jopling, commercial director of EAHSN, says:

The results confirmed what we already strongly believed. Little Journey is not only beneficial to patients but delivers tangible benefit to healthcare organisations”


For more information, please visit the EAHSN website:


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