COVID-19: Little Journey is more important now than ever.

Coronavirus YouTube videos success

Coronavirus YouTube videos success

Earlier this year, Little Journey worked with the Head of Insight and Feedback at NHS England, in partnership with NHS Test and Trace, to create child-directed videos explaining coronavirus and Covid-19 swab testing. The content was co-designed with the help of the Little Journey Young Persons Advisory Group and written with the assistance of key opinion leaders in paediatric medicine and infectious disease.

The resulting videos, available on Youtube and at Coronavirus Information – Little Journey, were a major success, garnering over 270,000 views in three months; demonstrating the adaptability of the Little Journey product to support children across an array of healthcare interactions.

With thanks to the fantastic Little Journey Young Persons Advisory Group for all their support and feedback, the animators at Tight, and Professor Lucy Bray, Dr Sanjay Patel, Dr Damien Roland, Dr Karen Bartholomew and Dr Hannah Lonsdale for their input and expertise.

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