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Business and Operations Lead

Steering an exciting Health-tech start up to success

Job Role Summary

We’re an exciting start-up looking to rapidly grow our company and accelerate growth globally. We’ve already had amazing traction within the NHS and are rapidly spreading internationally. We are currently performing high quality medical research funded by the National Institute of Health Research with future research projects in the planning phase. 

We are looking for a Business and operations lead to steer us through our rapid growth as a company including: client relationship management, internal team management and expansion. You will be responsible for the day-to-day delivery of the business, overseeing the internal operation of the company and inspiring a positive team culture.

Please get in touch if you are looking for a role that enables you to make a large, positive impact globally.

Business and Operations Lead at Little Journey

This role requires an understanding of the challenges faced by a growing business, ideally in digital health and life sciences, that is ambitious in its aims to make an impact globally: in addition, knowledge and experience of client relationship management, human resources processes, office management and budget management are key. 

As the Little Journey Business and Operations lead, you will: 

  • Oversee day-to-day running of the business to achieve its long-term strategy.  
  • Oversee the internal operations of the company and the output of other executives.
  • Ensure operational activities remain on time and within a defined budget, managing business and departmental budgets, costs and expenditures and develop tactical initiatives to minimise profit loss.
  • Manage relationships with vendors, partners and customers completing assessment and supplier documentation.  
  • Develop operational policies and procedures to maximise efficiency and effectiveness of human resources, office management, customer support and finance/accounting. 
  • Identify and address short- and long-term problems and opportunities, reporting important issues to the CEO.   
  • Define, develop and implement company policies that promote a positive company culture and implement them. 
  • Maintain constant communication with management, staff, and vendors to ensure proper operations of the organization.
  • Oversee materials and inventory management.
  • Manage human resource functions, monitoring the internal HR systems and ensure compliance.  
  • Coordinate and oversee hiring, hiring objectives and job description creation, and ensure the vendor selection and employment process are operating within legal guidelines.
  • Work with new employees to induct them into the business, identify training needs and resources required to operate at peak efficiency.
  • Lead, motivate, and support the team within a time-sensitive and demanding environment, including setup and implementation of career development plans that identify areas for growth and improvement, as well as identify which processes are working well.
  • Develop and implement an internal training strategy.
  • Stay on top of employment trends, legal issues and best practices.
  • Manage the delivery of services to our portfolio of clients, as agreed by the commercial team.
  • Support the clients’ needs (completion of supplier documentation and standardised contracts) following handover from the commercial team, working closely with the product support team to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Assess business performance through data interpretation and developing business and customer success metrics. 

About You

As the Little Journey Business and Operations lead you will work full time to achieve the above objectives. You will be working closely with the Little Journey executive team, reporting to the CEO and board. The role can be performed in a hybrid fashion with the 3-4 days per week performed remotely as required. As well as available working space, we will hold regular face-to-face team meetings to support a cohesive and inclusive working environment.

We believe you will: 

  • Have hands on operational experience and client relationship management. 
  • Be well versed in HR procedures, office management, inventory tracking and budget management.
  • Experience of working in rapidly growing health tech SME and/or digital platforms. 
  • Understanding of the challenges faces by a company transitioning to customers globally.  
  • Be critical thinker who can analyse a situation, problem-solve and make decisions geared towards the company’s best interest.
  • understand how to cope with change and influence/motivate others to deal with change.
  • Manage people effectively using good listening, motivation and communication skills.
  • Be passionate about our mission to support children to better health. 
  • Be flexible to pick up other relevant tasks as and when required.  
  • Have good IT skills (including Word, Excel and Teams) and be adept at learning new technologies/processes.  

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