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Welcome to Little Journey!

Supporting children to better health.

Using technology, research and data to transform healthcare outcomes
through improved patient engagement and experiences.

What is Little Journey?

Little Journey supports children and their families
before, during
and after healthcare interactions,
reducing anxiety and improving health outcomes.

The Little Journey smartphone app delivers age-tailored,
engaging and
interactive content, accessible to families
from the comfort and
safety of their own home.

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How Little Journey has supported families through the pandemic

With COVID-19, anxiety around visiting hospitals has been heightened. Little Journey has worked with NHS staff, children and parents to create educational animations and materials to teach children about the COVID-19 swab test, how to prepare themselves and what to expect.

Currently helping families and staff in the following organisations...

How does Little Journey work?

Prepare patients for their procedure, virtually!

  • Interactive virtual tours psychologically prepare families for the clinical environment, explaining what will happen and who they will meet at each stage of their journey.
  • Therapeutic and distraction games reinforce understanding and provide support during hospital visits.
  • Child-narrated relaxation animations teach the development of positive emotion and problem-focussed coping strategies.

Empowering caregivers through knowledge and organisation

  • Easy to digest information articles delivered over days and weeks according to date of appointment.
  • Interactive checklists of what to bring to hospital
    on the day of their visit.
  • Key hospital details and contact numbers.
  • Fasting guidelines customised to local policies.
  • Nudges and notifications sent direct to user’s device.

App content customised to individual organisations

  • The Little Journey web portal enables organisations to customise the app content available to their patients to reflect local policies.
  • Organisations can build virtual teams allowing easy collaboration between staff members.
  • Virtual reality images, fasting guidelines, contact information and procedure specific articles edited in near real time.


Little Journey has already been praised and awarded for our efforts towards improving the hospital environment for children:

How can Little Journey Benefit you?

Little Journey has been co-designed alongside families and healthcare professionals to ensure every user’s core needs have been met. Find out below about Little Journey’s key benefits and how they can help you:

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Meet the Team

Dr Chris Evans

Founder & CEO

Anaesthetic Doctor and expert in children’s peri-operative anxiety and its management.

Sophie Copley

Founder & CPO

Specialist in human-centered healthcare design and user experience design

Alex Preston


Highly experienced in technology strategy and software development

Dr Libby Beake

Medical Writer

Medical Doctor and experienced medical copywriter

William Chamberlin

UX Designer

Product, graphic and user experience designer

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